21st October
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Jackie Sturt

Jackie Sturt completed her nurse training at St James Hospital, Leeds. She worked as nurse practitioner at the Burford Nursing Development Unit, Oxfordshire until 1992 when she began her formal research training.

With a first degree in Politics and Sociology from Oxford Brooks University and a PhD in Health Sciences gained at Brunel, she has been involved in several pieces of evaluative research in the areas of health promotion and primary care within both the NHS and the University sector.

Jackie joined Warwick University in April 1999 as a Senior Research Fellow in the Business School as part of a team evaluating five primary care research networks in London. She joined the Centre for Primary Health Care Studies in June 2000 to work with the Warwick-West Midlands Primary Care Research.

Since joining Warwick Medical School, Jackie's main research interests are in diabetes, in the areas of complex interventions such as self-management, structured education, psychological interventions, outcome measurements and user involvement. She is lead investigator for the Diabetes Manual and the ASKING-D interventions and a co-investigator in the The Virtual Clinic and Diabetes Telecare interventions. The main theoretical framework used to underpin these interventions is self-efficacy theory and Jackie was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the National Co-ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development in April 2004 to develop this work. She is involved in many international collaborations studies in these areas.

Jackie is also actively engaged in promoting and facilitating user involvement in the diabetes programmes across the Health Sciences Research Institute

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