21st October
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2007 Annual Conference

The first annual conference was held on November 28th 2007 at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham. The aim was to provide a showcase for centres to share their experiences in running education programmes, to provide workshops for educators to develop their skills, as well as a unique networking opportunity for those involved in diabetes education. Centres delivering education programmes for type 1 or type 2 diabetes were invited to submit a structured abstract for poster presentation.

The day began with a brief introduction by David Cavan who described the recent history and activities of the Type 1 Education Network. This was followed by an inspiring talk by Anne Costich, who described her experiences of over 30 years with diabetes, which was diagnosed the week before her wedding day. She reflected that while the importance of education had been emphasised throughout this time, she had to learn herself from leaflets and a book written by her consultant, Professor Bloom.

There then followed two workshop sessions, during which participants could choose from the following workshops

» Meeting NICE criteria (Workshop A Summary)
» Paediatrics (Workshop B Summary)
» Integrating structured Education into clinical care
» Black and Minority Ethnic Groups
» Facilitating groups (Workshop E Summary)

The long lunch break provided ample time for networking and viewing of the posters, submitted from all parts of the UK. There were also poster presentations from the National programmes, DESMOND, X-PERT and DAFNE. The posters can be downloaded here.

The afternoon started with a comprehensive summary of the poster presentations by Joan Everett. She highlighted the broad range of programmes covering different aspects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. There then followed a plenary question and answer session during which the scope of the network was discussed. The outcome was that the meeting endorsed a suggestion that the Network should cover all diabetes patient education, including for type 2 diabetes. It was also suggested that the Network be renamed the Diabetes Education Network. The steering group subsequently ratified this change at their meeting on 12 th December.

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» Click here to view speakers slides

We would like to thank Roche for their generous sponsorship, Diabetes UK for invaluable support, and Ian and Suzanne Lucas for organising such a successful meeting.

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