21st October
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2008 Annual Conference

Over 140 delegates attended the Network’s second annual conference, held on December 1st 2008.  The theme of the day was “Structured Education - How do you know you are doing a good job?” and the aim was to focus on Quality Assurance and Quality Development.  All education programmes are required to be subject to a quality assurance process, and as part of its work during 2008, the network has developed and piloted tools for self- and peer-review.

The conference opened with an introduction by David Cavan, who listed some of the main activities of the Network during 2008.  These included the launch of the website, successful workshops on paediatric education and education for pump therapy, as well as regional meetings in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  During 2008 we performed the first analysis of data entered onto the Network database, the results of which were presented by Joan Everett at the Therapeutic Patient Education Conference in Budapest.  

The morning session included presentations from three national education programmes, detailing the quality assurance processes which have been put in place for these programmes.  Whereas DAFNE and DESMOND have dedicated QA visits as part of their programmes, X-PERT relies on each provider to organise their own peer review.  A presentation then followed on the ongoing development of the QA of the nurse consultations for patients using the Warwick Diabetes Manual. There were then three presentations on the “real-life” experience of quality assurance from centres who were delivering their own programme.  These were particularly useful in highlighting some of the difficulties each centre had encountered in developing QA, as well as the benefits that accrue from it. These presentations can be found from the link below.

During the lunch break, there was an opportunity to view posters and visit the exhibition which included the stands of the sponsors, Roche Diagnostics and Novo Nordisk.

The afternoon session started with workshop discussions which focused on three key questions:  How do you know you are doing a good job?  What would you need to confirm to others that you are doing a good job? And, What is my next step in doing a good job?  This led to much exchange of ideas and stimulating discussion about the factors which educators recognise as showing they are doing a good job, as well as some of the challenges in proving this to others.  Amongst the key themes which emerged was the need to have adequate administrative support for the collection of audit data, as well as the need for time to organise peer review, which could perhaps be supported by local networks or a buddy system.

Joan Everett then gave a shortened version of her TPE presentation, which described the outcome data recorded by seven centres delivering local programmes.  The key messages were a significant fall in HbA1c, significant reductions in hypoglycaemia and DKA and improvements in PAID scores following attendance on the courses.

Many centres have experienced difficulties with using the Network’s database and following a discussion led by Jonathan Roland, it was agreed that the Network would examine the feasibility of each centre collecting common data on an identical local database, rather than a web-based one.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the work of the Network for the coming year, which will be considered by the steering group at its meeting in early 2008, and a report from Bridget Turner from Diabetes UK on current discussions about the role of structured education in the wider context of patient education. 

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Workshop summaries:
» Workshop A (How do you know you are doing a good job?)
» Workshop B (What would you need to confirm to others that you are doing a good job?)
» Workshop C (What is my next step in doing a good job?)

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The steering committee gratefully acknowledge the support of Roche Diagnostics and Novo Nordisk who equally shared the funding of the 2008 conference.

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