21st October
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The 2012 Diabetes Education Network conference was held on May 16th in Birmingham. Well over 100 delegates attended a varied programme which had the theme of "staying ahead of the game" by highlighting new standards, new technologies and new guidelines which affect patient self-management education.

The day began with an update on the work of QISMET (Quality Institute for Self-Management Education and Training) and the pilot audits of self-management providers. This showed that the standard was fit for purpose, but that there were two areas where more work was needed. The first was around methods to demonstrate that educators had appropriate competences, and the second around defining outcome measures by which programmes can be assessed. The DEN steering group have been working on defining competences and Jackie Sturt led discussions on the work to date, which has produced 18 competences specifically relating to the delivery of structured education programmes.

Chris Cheyette presented a very comprehensive round up of the various apps that are available to support diabetes self-management. These include apps which include glucose diaries and bolus calculators, as well as aids to carbohydrate counting. Kath Barnard continued the theme with an overview of the research programme on the AccuChek Aviva Expert meter, and the potential benefits of such technologies.

Trudi Deakin provided a summary of some of the new developments and guidelines, including the new Diabetes UK nutritional guidelines, which no longer recommend a specific carbohydrate intake for people with diabetes, and an account of the work published last year on reversal of diabetes through weight loss. There followed discussion as to whether and how education programmes should respond to these changes, and specifically whether the knowledge that type 2 diabetes can be reversed would have an impact on motivating patients to make lifestyle changes.

After lunch a variety of workshops were available covering different aspects of diabetes self-management education, and the day ended with a lively debate on the motion: "Starchy carbohydrates with every meal is good advice". This generated much discussion followed by a vote, which rejected the motion. Interestingly this recommendation was removed from the Diabetes UK website just before the conference, which reflects a growing recognition that such advice is less appropriate during the current obesity pandemic which influences so much of our work nowadays.

Delegate feedback was very positive and the steering group will shortly start planning next year's conference. We are very grateful to Roche Diabetes Care for supporting the conference.

» Update on QISMET, Sally Cavanagh
» Using Apps (Updated, PDF Version), Chris Cheyette
» Using the Accu-Chek Aviva Expert Bolus Advisor, Kath Barnard
» Pre-diabetes, nutritional guidelines and 600 Kcal diets, Trudi Deakin
» Educator Competencies, Jackie Sturt and Caroline Huxley
        » Draft Educator Competencies

» Trudi Deakin and Suzanne Lucas - Why bother with data?
» Sarah O'Brien - Do we know what people want?
» Chris Cheyette - Play your carbs right?
» Sam Roberts - Managing MDI and Exercise for type 1 diabetes

Debate: Carbs
For: Trudi Deakin
Against: David Cavan

» Forth Valley
» Bournemouth
» West Sussex
» Nottingham City
» Tayside

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