21st October
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2013 Annual Conference - Thursday 9th May 2013

It is now 10 years since the Diabetes Education Network (Originally the Type 1 Education network) was formed. Over the last decade we have seen many changes, not only in technology but also in the way diabetes management is approached and taught.

For 2013 we returned to Birmingham once again in association with Diabetes UK and once again sponsored with an unrestricted educational grant by Roche Diabetes Care. Thank you's to both.

So to celebrate 10 years we want to reminisce on some of the highlights of the last decade, but we are also looking forward to the next 10 years.

» Celebrating 10 years of DEN Aims and Achievements, Suzanne Lucas
» Celebrating 10 years of DEN - What still needs to be done?, Lyndi Wiltshire
» Competencies for Diabetes Patient Education: Pilot study results, Joan McDowell
» Identifying Core Components of Structured Education Courses for Type 1 Diabetes
» Patient Education: lessons learnt from ABACUS, Dr Katharine Barnard
» Managing glucose before, during and after exercise in type 1 diabetes, Rob Andrews
» Increasing exercise levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes: the how and the why, Rob Andrews

» Managing glucose before, during and after exercise in type 1 diabetes, Rob Andrews
» Is there a role for online learning in structured education?, Joan Everett
» Nutrition Critical Appraisal Workshop, Trudi Deakin and Helen Loughnane
» How do you know what your patients know? Chris Cheyette
» Barriers to effective self management, Lyndi Wiltshire
» Developing a National Paediatric Diabetes Plan:What are the key issues for education?, Dr. Sheridan Waldron
» DEN(S) Post-conference Summary

» Structured education - why people choose not to attend, S Lucas
» Quality assurance of structured education programmes for people with diabetes in Scotland, Joan McDowell
» Long term outcome data from a self management programme for type 1 diabetes, Penny Jackson
» Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE): what is the impact on the quality of life among T1DM participants?, S. Sheik Ali

» Structured diabetes education has made little difference to patient outcomes
» Structured diabetes education has made a difference to patient outcomes

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