21st October
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Type 1 Education in the UK for Adults
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Paediatric Type 1 Education

Education in the UK

Paediatric Type 1 Education
Although children and families generally report great satisfaction with our services the fact remains that only 15% are achieving the recommended target of a HbA1c< 7.5%. In addition the evidence states we continue to be didactic in our education whereas psycho-educational interventions have found to be more effective in high quality systematic reviews. Yet it is only recently that structured education programmes for paediatrics which meet the NICE criteria are starting to emerge. The arrival of these first models brings the opportunity to learn from them, compare and contrast with existing adult programmes and adapt to meet the local needs of our patients. Getting involved with an established network (DEN) will facilitate this and provide much needed support to influence change in this area.

The first DEN meeting to focus on structured paediatric education took place on Feb 7th 2008, with a follow up meeting in July. Reports from these meetings are available on the Network Meetings section of this site. 

If you already have a structured education programme, would like to develop one or are interested to know more about it please contact

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